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Preparing for Success Program at Southern Cross University



This week will be my second week tutoring the Preparing for Success Program. at Southern Cross University.. The program is related to tertiary prep courses that are delivered at a vocational education level, for example Gold Coast Institute of TAFE(QLD) delivers a Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation and North Coast TAFE(NSW) has a similar program called Tertiary Preperation..

The Preparing for Success Program (PSP). is a great stepping stone for prospective University students. It allows them to scaffold their learning by understanding the core concepts of how to manage their studies, communicate at university and how to navigate MySCU – which is learning management systems (LMS) for Southern Cross University College. Throughout the program, students are assessed with quizzes, assignments and exams.The idea is that students are learning how to study within the university system by the university system.

I have really enjoyed tutoring PSP, the unit that I teach is ” EDU10445 – Managing your studies.” The unit outcomes are very explicit. They stress that the students SHOULD be able to successfully complete EDU10445 when they can:

– Understand the culture of learning at University

– Create a toolkit of learning skills and strategies

– Develop self-management and academic skills

– Build the technical skills to us the Universities learning management system (MySCU) and associated software.

The students have four assignments to complete, the first being a non assessed time management assignment, which is due on the Friday of week 2. The other assignments vary in structure and word length. Assignment 2 is a reflective review of the students current studying abilities. Assignment 3 asks the students to work in small groups and present their findings. Their final assignment requires the students to reflect on their studies during the PSP.

PSP, is a successful bridging program that Southern Cross University introduced four years ago. It is a free course that is available to any students who have completed their year 12 studies. Granted, it is the same study load as any degree level study, it has a great level of student access and support services, dedicated staff that are passionate about their role as a tutor to future students and the backing of the chancellor’s office of Southern Cross University.

As a tutor, I see students at the very start of their tertiary career, journey, pathway, call it what you will, I find it exciting. To see the young, the old, the pregnant, the unemployed take on such a challenge breathes life into my educational motivation. I am only at the beginning of my own personal journey through the tertiary education system, and I know that I have so much to learn, and that is the exciting part.

Peace and Love,

Andrew 🙂

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” ~ Henry Adams

SCU College Team


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