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End of semester assignments complete #lovestudy #constantprogession #Griffithuni

Today I finished my two end of semester assignments as part of my Master of Education by Research. I am studying part-time and I have found this semester to be one of my hardest as I am working full-time, have a 11 month old son, and we moved into our first house in September.

So I am a little relieved to complete a 4000 word literature review/proposal and a 5000 project report today! Both assignments have been difficult to get on top of due to the stress of buying our first house. I was a naive to think that buying a house was not stressful, I had under appreciated the wrecking ball effect of finding a house, getting finance, chasing paperwork, getting signatures and so on.

For now, I will enjoy not having to concern myself with finding the time to write. I will admit to using and loving the Pomodoro Technique. It is a must for those who like structured study.


Can Do Andrew


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