Grow Youthful

Creating new neural pathways help Stephen Jepson to add life to his years!



Facebook article for educators

Facebook article for educators

Great article produced by Facebook on best practice for Educators.


Technological determinism?

Great video. Begs the question: does technology lead us or do we lead technology?

Twitter Etiquette

Windows hot keys!!

A great list of Hotkeys

The best referencing program for university students!

Without a doubt EndNote is the best referencing tool for University students.

The ability to sync across desktop, web and tablet make researching a breeze. NO more highlighting and storing printouts in a filing cabinet(consider the reduced carbon footprint aswell!).

Create smart groups and annotate your attached PDF’s within EndNote!

Good luck

New ways of learning in on-line worlds presentation by Professor Catherine Beavis at the International Symposium for Leadership, Learning and Change on September 14.#digitalculture