NBN opening up Digital Literacy training for Australians


End of semester assignments complete #lovestudy #constantprogession #Griffithuni

Today I finished my two end of semester assignments as part of my Master of Education by Research. I am studying part-time and I have found this semester to be one of my hardest as I am working full-time, have a 11 month old son, and we moved into our first house in September.

So I am a little relieved to complete a 4000 word literature review/proposal and a 5000 project report today! Both assignments have been difficult to get on top of due to the stress of buying our first house. I was a naive to think that buying a house was not stressful, I had under appreciated the wrecking ball effect of finding a house, getting finance, chasing paperwork, getting signatures and so on.

For now, I will enjoy not having to concern myself with finding the time to write. I will admit to using and loving the Pomodoro Technique. It is a must for those who like structured study.


Can Do Andrew

3 minute thesis Trans-Tasman Finals #UWS #3MT

Inspiring to see what researchers are currently working on.

Study productivity: Does the Pomodoro technique work?

Today I had a study day. Normally I have trouble remaining on task and I am easily distracted.

Yesterday I read an amazing article on how to stay on point and “get it done”. This lead me to the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro breaks down your work into manageable chunks with short breaks in between.

The outline is:

  • 25 mins focussed work
  • 5 min break
  • Repeat 4 times and have a 30 min break

For sport lovers it is like a quarter time break. Which is a great time to stretch, drink, check other duties and get focussed for the next 25 minutes of work.

I found that I was getting excited to get back into it.

Try it and see what you think.





MOOCs widening participation in low SES communities in Australia

Great report from Mt Druitt on the success of MOOCs for widening participation in low SES communities.

Raises the question of accreditation of MOOC certificates in Australia…I doubt that TEQSA will adjust their current stance.

How to add two time zones in Outlook

Daylight savings time starts on the 6th of October in the eastern states of Australia. For those of you trying to organise meetings between those states that follow daylight savings and those that don not; Outlook has a feature that allows you to see both time zones in your calendar.



The problem with iPad handouts at school and university

Below are two articles from different parts of the world that have given students iPads as part of their study. The reaction to the free iPads have not always been positive.

LA schools iPad roll out

University of Western Sydney – Free iPads for undergraduates